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Hello, my name is Sophia!


Currently, I am a senior in high school. I began my sewing adventure when I bought a cheap sewing machine in January of 2020. Ever since then, I have been sewing in my room, which now seems to be a workroom more than an actual residence. Over time I have upgraded machines, supplies, and skills with money I have earned from summer jobs, but the basis is always the same: crafting clothing that fits my own style and affordability. I have created this blog in hopes to inspire every reader about the global garment construction industry and how to construct clothing for oneself at home. 

Ever since I was a child I have been creating. Sometimes I would go all out on the creativity aspect of a school project, or I would take apart old electronics at a summer camp. In the beginning I thought this meant I was set for a career as a mechanical engineer, but I soon realized my heart was really sold to the fashion world: the engineering world of fabric. 

From my FIRST Robotics engineering experience in machine shops and CAD (Computer-Aided-Design) rooms, I have gained skills which benefit my garment construction. For example, I maintenance my many sewing machines frequently. I even have an industrial JUKI, which means I would have to keep it in pristine condition; it is not easy to take a 100 pound sewing machine to a shop. 

I also have gained many social and "work" skills from the highly competitive FRC robotics season, which lasts many months. I have learned to work under pressure in large groups with a looming deadline ahead. I know all of these skills will translate to my future and my current website. 

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