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Best Places to Source Materials

Ever wondered where to get the best sewing supplies for a good price?

Sophia Miller - March 20th, 2022

The following is a compiled list of all the store/websites I regularly visit for my supplies!

*Please note that this list is not sponsored, the list is from my experiences and opinions *

  1. WAWAK Sewing Supplies -- This bulk supply store is full of a wide selection of sewing notions such as zippers, buttons, ribbon, elastic, etc. Note that this store is not for apparel fabric. WAWAK only sells a limited selection of lining fabrics.

  2. Fabric Wholesale Direct -- While WAWAK specializes in sewing notions, this website has fabric for low prices! Seriously, this store is awesome if you cannot pay the often-high prices of fabric from other sources. However, this store does not have the largest variety for printed fabrics, like cotton quilting fabrics, for instance. There also is not a large color variety. But feel free to experiment with the fabrics with dyeing processes, for this could make any white fabric a desired color.

  3. Joann's Fabric -- Now this store is the most expensive in which I visit. Joann's is a great place to find a wide assortment of fabrics and notions, just be sure to use all the coupons you possibly can. By downloading the mobile app, you can access weekly deals and more.

  4. Thrifting -- Thrifting for fabrics is perhaps the most cost-effective option on this list. Take a trip to your local thrift store and start searching. Sometimes it is hit or miss, but by being patient and thorough, you can snag deals. For example, recently I found four huge cones of thread for 5 dollars!

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