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How Reggaetón Shaped My Style

Sophia Miller, April 3rd, 2022

In order of appearance, Rosalía, Bad Bunny, Zion, Lennox, & Natti Natasha.

I am a bit obsessed with reggaetón music, AKA the best genre of Latin music. Look at the sleeves on Rosalía's ruby dress! These images make me deconstruct the outfits in my brain and how they would be sewn together.

My eyes were opened to this amazing world of fashion during my time working in Information Technology at my school around three years ago. Listening to Cardi B's I Like It, I became curious of the Puerto Rican rappers Bad Bunny and J Balvin. My Spanish proficiency was minimal at that point, so I kind of rapped along, but there was no way my words were anything close to intelligible.

Soon after I discovered these new artists, Bad Bunny in particular, they became all I would listen to. Even to this day I mainly listen to reggaetón. Since I am a broke highschooler, I never pay for music subscriptions, and instead watch the YouTube Music videos.

Over time I have been noticing changes in my everchanging sense of style, which is normal for your average teenager. However, it has only been recently that I connected the dots. These music videos were changing my style! I have been feeling more and more comfortable wearing bright colors and patterns to school, and I love it!

How does my experience pertain to you?

My short story is to show you to not be afraid of wearing outfits that suit you! Look for inspiration around you - you might not even realize what is already influencing you (social media, TV shows, etc.). Do not be afraid to experiment, because in my experience experimentation is the only way to feel comfortable in your own body. And the chances are, everyone will respect you for your courage and drive!

Here's a reggaetón music video with interesting outfits in almost every second.

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