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Official Welcome to Fashion Re-Form!

You may be wondering, what is the purpose of this fashion blog written by a teenager?

This blog is an experiment.

Over the past three years or so I have been super-glued to my sewing machine. Throughout 2020, including those deep and dark times of quarantine, I have self-taught and introduced myself into the wide world of fashion. Over time I have learned that fashion is not what it seems.

First of all, most people I talk to assume fashion is all about the catwalks, designer brands, and vibrant fabrics that catch the eye. And while this may be a beautiful part of fashion and garment design, there are many factors people overlook: the cost of the garment related to the wage price, the amount of work put into the garment, and the sheer amount of resources dedicated to hang on a hanger in your closet.

Where to begin?

A person in my situation of having a mind full of swirling ideologies can travel down many paths. I wanted to share my thoughts with others, something I wasn't quite able to do in my small-town environment. Even if this message I am creating through this website only gets through to a few people, I hope it can inform and educate. Sometimes it only takes a few to incite change. As a first-time blogger/website creator, I plan to constantly revise and add to this site in order to continuously form a better compilation of my thoughts.

What can you expect to see from this site?

This website is meant to be a hub for garment construction teachings, to personal ideas, facts, and random blurbs. Think of it as a Instagram hashtag with various posts all with the same main concept -- the hashtag's topic. (By the way I have created a Fashion Re-Form Instagram for my daily sewing.) The main point is to learn, think, and have fun!

Written by Sophia Miller

March 27th, 2022

All rights of images go to their respective owners.

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